Da oggi 16 gennaio 2019 questo sito non verrà più aggiornato.
E' on line il nuovo sito del Dipartimento di Storia Antropologia Religioni Arte Spettacolo (SARAS).


This section of the website shows the governance structure of the History Cultures and Religions Department. The department is headed by the Director, who represents the organisation for all legal intents and purposes and guarantees its autonomy and cultural unity.


In order to be able to pursue its own institutional duties, the Department is endowed with organisational and administrative autonomy regarding all the expenses as well as the contractual and conventional measures that directly appertain to it, involving both public and private subjects, according to the current legal regulations, but excluding administrative measures of general matter or related to questions that pertain to other authorities as identified by the Statute of the Sapienza University.


The authorities of the Department are: the Board (Consiglio di Dipartimento), the Director (Direttore), the Corporation (Giunta).