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English version phd

The Department has activated two different PhD Research Programs:




The following PhD Programs are exhausted and therefore will not be activated from the 28th cycle on:


·         Etnologia ed etnoantropologia(Ethnology and Ethnoanthropology)

·         Mito, rito e pratiche simboliche(Myth, Ritual ans Symbolic Practices)

·         Società, politica e culture dal tardo medioevo all'età contemporanea(Society, Politics and Culture from the late Middle Ages to the Present)

·         Storia religiosa(History of Religions)



Call for Phd programs (32ndcycle)

The call for admission to the 32nd cycle of the PhD Programs has been published. The deadline for submitting applications is fixed unswervingly to August 1st 2016.


In the first section of the call you can find the time and location of the exams corresponding to each course, together with the number of positions with and without the research grant, the methods of access, the contact details, etc. From the art. 2 are explained the access requirements, the procedures to register to the admission exam, informations for students with foreign academic degrees, and some other useful news. The call is also published in English.


Check the Call in the “Download” Section----->




All candidates, including public employees (Call: art. 6) and foreign citizens who have applied as supernumeraries (Call: art. 5) must submit a research project (no more than 15,000 characters including spaces), their academic degrees and curriculum vitae et studiorum mandatorily by August 1st 2016, by email to the following email address: dottoratosar@uniroma1.it. This documents must be sent as pdf and can not exceed the size of 5MB.