The Department of History Cultures Religions provides courses of every level:


a) two BA courses (3 years):

1.      “History, Anthropology, Religions”, that is articulated in 4 slightly different curricula (Mediaeval History, Modern and Contemporary History, Historical-Religious Studies, Theories and Practices of Anthropology)

2.      “Fashion and Costume Studies”


b) five MA courses (2 years):


1.      “Ethnoanthropological Disciplines”

2.      “Publishing and Writing”

3.      “Historical-religious Sciences”

4.      “Historical Sciences. Middle Ages, Modern Age, Contemporary Age”

5.      “Fashion Sciences” (thought in English)


c) several postgraduate courses (Master of I level – that is destined to BA graduate students – and II level – that is destined to MA graduate students –), among which there are: Master of I level in “Religions and Cultural Mediation”; Master of I level in “Digital Heritage” (online and in English), and Master of I level in “Fashion Studies”;


d) two PhD programmes:

1.      History, Anthropolgy, Religions

2.      Sciences of the text – curriculum: Greek and Latin Palaeography


e) Specialization School in Cultural Demo-Ethnoanthropological Heritage


f) three Higher Education Courses (postgraduate):

1.      Higher Education Course in “History of Religions: from training to research”

2.      Higher Education Course in “Egyptology: from training to research”

3.      Higher Education Course in “Hebrew History/General History. Training, research, teaching”